A morning dedicated to the issues of environmental sustainability and awareness for future generations: the park of the Oasis of Silence located behind the villa La Rotonda del Palladio, kicks off the widespread reforestation project of the ECA Technology company.
The mayor of Vicenza Francesco Rucco, the councilor for infrastructure of Vicenza Mattia Ierardi, the owners of the company ECA Technology s.r.l., took part in the planting of the various tree species. Gianfranco Beniero and Elisa Beniero, the CEO of BeLeafing Emiliano Vettore and 3 classes of the Negri Institute of Vicenza. Willows, field maples and cherry trees have been planted.

“Fighting the challenge of atmospheric and environmental pollution – says the owner of ECA Technology srl Gianfranco Beniero – has always been our mission, we have been doing it for over 40 years by offering technologies without the use of fossil fuels and we continue to do so through participatory actions exactly like this one. The tree is a concrete and tangible symbol that certifies the commitment we put in place and the values ​​that as a company we want to pass on to the community and to future generations ”

“I turn to you children who are the future – comments the mayor of Vicenza Francesco Rucco – I hope you can live with a better air and this is a concrete example of how to improve the environment and how to behave to do so. Since we took office as a municipal administration, we have planted a few thousand trees and we will continue to do so: to protect the environment, to improve the quality of the air and also the beauty of our Vicenza “.

“In the span of 5 years, the municipal administration’s goal is to increase green spaces by planting 75,000 trees – declares the Councilor for Infrastructure Mattia Ierardi – Thanks to Beleafing and to many companies such as ECA Technology, what was a dream has become reality : so guys, believe in your dreams but above all fight for them, because dreaming is a real sign of maturity “.

In 2021, ECA Technology undertook, on the occasion of the 40th anniversary, the #ECAGreen initiative, focused on shared and widespread reforestation in Vicenza, in collaboration with Beleafing, a young start-up of urban architects and landscape architects of the IUAV University of Venice .
What is certain is the polluted air we breathe every day and this is demonstrated by the alarming data of the last year, especially in the Vicenza area. This is due to the use of fossil fuels such as boilers, stoves, fireplaces, etc., exhaust gases caused by urban traffic and industrial production.
The company, which already fights the current situation through the construction of photovoltaic systems, heat pumps and air purification, has decided to do more and to dedicate its anniversary to an innovative project involving institutions, companies and individuals with one goal: the protection of the environment through the choice of renewable technologies. In fact, during 2021, with the purchase of each ECA Technology product, the donation of a tree for the reforestation of highly polluted green areas was combined. This is to contribute to the reduction of fine particles and CO2 and to increase the biodiversity present in nature.

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