Eca Technology offers its installer customers maximum reliability and safety on products, designing, developing and industrialising unique solutions for the market that are not present in large-scale distribution.

Furthermore, in specially equipped laboratories and classrooms at its headquarters, the ECAtech Academy runs a series of diversified training courses based on the technical experience of the participants with the aim of supporting installer through constant theoretical and practical updating.

ECA Technology completes its dealer programme through online and offline commercial operations aimed not only at increasing the strength of their offer and enhancing their image but also by assisting installers find the best job opportunities.



With the aim of ensuring superior comfort in the home while reducing costs, ECA Technology designs and develops optimal energy solutions for new homes or renovated projects through targeted and personalised consultancy.

Moreover, thanks to the nationwide network of certified technical centres, the company ensures a constant presence in the installation and maintenance of systems, covering all air-conditioning, heating, energy production and domestic hot water requirements



With the aim of guiding companies in their industrial efficiency streamlining programmes, ECA Technology has created Industrial System, a project aimed at significantly reducing energy costs thanks to a complete range of air conditioning and lighting solutions as well as systems for the production of electrical and thermal energy, steam and hot water.

ECA Technology’s support is developed through consultancy on the most suitable solutions, followed by tailor-made design and financial support useful for the development of the investment.

In the final stages, an O&M division within ECA Technology accompanies companies by means of an after-sales service aimed at the maintenance and monitoring of installations with the aim of ensuring performance over the years and maximizing returns

Do you work in the tourism sector?


Guaranteeing the satisfaction of the final customer by achieving maximum energy savings is the key to the tourism of the future.

For over 25 years, ECA Technology has been offering a complete range of solutions that improve comfort in accommodation facilities, mobile homes and prefabricated buildings, offering an efficient spare parts service and guaranteeing constant technical support through a network of Certified Technical Centres, always on standby for Installation, Maintenance and Assistance interventions



The reduction of environmental impact and cutting energy costs have become essential priorities in the design of new buildings and the renovation of existing structures.

The handling of the technologies necessary to obtain these results must be entrusted to specialist professionals. ECA Technology offers such professionals a comprehensive product range for heating and air-conditioning as well as the production of electricity and domestic hot water. All with the aim of achieving the dream of functional, comfortable and energy-independent homes.

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