If you ask how much you could save by optimising the use of air conditioning in a campsite or accommodation, you might get a surprising answer. Climacard is a smart card control system for air conditioners. Easy to install and use, it is designed to integrate and work perfectly with DC inverter air-conditioners from the Syntek line or with already installed air-conditioners. It can be added either during the installation of the appliances or when the air-conditioning system is already installed. The Climacard solution is offered by ECA Technology, a company with Syntek products throughout Europe in hundreds of accommodation facilities, campsites and hotels and active in the industry for over 40 years.

ECA Technology specialises in offering a complete electrical facility management system, from air conditioning and air purification to hot water production, solar thermal and photovoltaic systems. In addition to maintenance 365 days a year, it offers assistance right from the planning stages of accommodation.

Climacard, how the smart card works

Here is how Climacard works and what are all the advantages of using it. On the user side, simply insert the card into the reader located inside the room or mobile home to activate the air conditioner, or pull it out to deactivate it. The device is therefore used directly by the guests and avoids waste by preventing the operation of air conditioning systems when no one is in the room or mobile home.

Each Climacard card, which can be customised according to the needs of the accommodation facility, is equipped with time-measured credits that can be recharged at the reception desk very easily and immediately.

For the management of Climacard cards and the supervision of installed equipment, the hotel or camping site staff need only use the Climacard software, which has an intuitive and fast interface for generating credits to be used for air-conditioning rooms.

Save up to 50% energy with Climacard

The main advantage of using Climacard lies in energy savings: according to a survey conducted by ECA Technology and based on customer usage data, the adoption of Climacard cards has led to a reduction in the use of air conditioning systems which reaches up to 50%, guaranteeing full user satisfaction.

Energy saving is a very topical issue, both due to the growing attention to respect for the environment and the need for careful management of resources, especially considering that energy prices have reached significant peaks in the last two years, with prospects for further increases in the future.

The Climacard system is appreciated by managers of accommodation facilities, but also by tourists because it is the guest himself who manages the operation of the air conditioning based on his own needs.

Longer life, less need for assistance

Since air conditioners are used much less than what happens in the absence of a smart card control system, the life of air conditioning systems is extended and the technical repair and assistance interventions that may be necessary are reduced over time. Consequently, the costs necessary for maintenance are also reduced.

The Climacard ecosystem

The Climacard ecosystem is made up of Climacard cards, within which the credits necessary for the operation of the air conditioner are recorded, combined with a reader for time management of the air conditioner itself. Finally, there is also the possibility of integrating a thermostat that controls the room temperature and facilitates the regulation of the air conditioner without using the remote control, in a simple and safe way.

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