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In this project, the technological solution adopted for the plant engineering component is Acquainverter universal model WA12, the energy-efficient heat pump that fully meets the needs of climatic comfort, cooling and heating, and the demand for domestic hot water.
The system is integrated with 2 COH2506DW outdoor units, 500 litre boiler model WB5001 connected to 3 solar thermal collectors mod ESP.

The photovoltaic system with a total output of 5.88 kWp consists of no. 24 photovoltaic modules model ECA245W 60 smart and no.1 Inverter model IGPLUS 60V.

At the level of terminals connected to Acquainverter, climatic comfort was designed with radiant floor system and water wall system consisting of 5 fan coil units model HWFC0903T from ECA Technology.
Finally, the system was completed with a mechanical ventilation system with heat recovery with model HFR17.


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