Our History, Your Safety

ECA Technology è giunta al suo 40° anno di vita. This is an anniversary that projects and enshrines the values of which, as a company, we speak out:

Reliability, Experience and Safety

Since 1981 we have built our history, a history that has allowed us to enter thousands of homes, businesses and facilities. Now, we continue undaunted to innovate by studying and designing optimal solutions day after day to meet every comfort requirement.

In these first 40 years, we have worked to promote respect for the environment through the application of fossil fuel-free technologies. In fact, the products we design have had and continue to have a common denominator: High Efficiency, Energy Saving and Environmental Respect.

Today, we would like to thank those who have helped us in this mission and those who will decide to do so in the future by espousing a project that well describes our corporate vision: sustainable building projected into the future with the utmost respect for the environment.

We decide to do this with a collaboration, born in these very months, with Beleafing, a start-up of young urban and landscape architects assisted by the IUAV University of Venice. With Beleafing, we will allocate trees for reforestation in areas with frequent exceedances of maximum levels of fine particulate matter in the atmosphere. This will enable us to contribute to the decrease of particulate matter and CO2 and increase the biodiversity found in nature by going along with our action and raising awareness of the need to choose renewable technologies for their homes.
We like to think that the tree itself can represent a concrete and tangible gesture that, together with high-efficiency plants, contributes to optimising environmental improvement performance by certifying the commitment that we, as a company, put into it.