Glamping‘ (camping-glamour) has long been the new frontier for those who cannot give up the beauty of camping in the midst of nature, or even all sorts of comforts, by ‘camping’ in facilities equipped just like 5-star hotels. And these types of facilities certainly cannot be without state-of-the-art air conditioning and technological systems.

Responding to this need is ECA Technology, a company that was founded in 1981 and has been known in the world of tourism with its Syntek brand products for around 30 years. ECA Technology, which has always focused on comfort, energy saving and renewable energy, realises total green installations designed specifically for tourist facilities not only by offering effective technologies, but by creating complete systems that include air conditioning and air purification, solar photovoltaic hot water and storage systems, electric vehicle charging and facility energy management.

The now very popular glamping, but also bungalows, mobile homes and luxury camping hotels can thus enjoy high-performance solutions, tailor-made and dedicated to maximum comfort.

Some solutions for glamping and outdoor facilities:

The creation of air-conditioning solutions for glamping tents ensures a diffuse and uniform distribution within the rooms with dual air flows for 3D air diffusion. Completing the offer is the integration, in the air conditioners, of the ioniser, a device capable of eliminating, through the emission of negative ions, polluting particles and at the same time bringing benefits to the body and mind. All this to make the climatic comfort optimal and the stays a truly rejuvenating experience.

The climacard system was created to meet environmental sustainability goals and meet energy requirements in tourist facilities. It is in fact a device that can be used by guests to avoid waste by preventing air conditioning systems from running in the absence of the user.

Installing charging stations at hotels, accommodation facilities and tourist attractions is a useful service for customers travelling with electric cars. In addition to differentiating their offer, operators of campsites, hotels, restaurants and other commercial activities will be able to make a valuable contribution to sustainable mobility by making themselves protagonists of an essential service.

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