The 1 MW photovoltaic plant has been inaugurated
Of the Castelgomberto-based company Ferplast Spa.

Once again, the Veneto is synonymous with the land of modern and innovative entrepreneurs, full of that creativity typical of the Northeast, which offers the country companies of excellence.

This is demonstrated by one of the companies in the Castelgomberto industrial area, Ferplast Spa, which inaugurated its 1MW photovoltaic plant in the presence of Owner Nicola Vaccari, the Mayor of Castelgomberto Davide Dorantani and ECA Technology, the company that carried out the work, with the representation of Gianfranco Beniero, CEO, and Emanuele Fontò, Italy Sales Manager.

“We are happy to inaugurate today a foltovoltaic plant of the highest quality and power, which will help safeguard the environment and which we live in and ensure a better future for our younger generations. A step owed to our territory, first and foremost, further evidence of the direction Ferplast has been taking for some years now through the wise and sustainable use of raw materials. We commend ECA Technology for its speed and professionalism in interpreting our needs” emphasizes Mr. Nicola Vaccari, Ferplast’s CEO, during the inauguration event to turn on the plant.

I am very proud to have such a forward-looking and environmentally and socially conscious company in our municipality. Ferplast has been providing jobs and welfare to the citizens of the valley for more than 50 years, and our Administration is therefore happy to be able to support initiatives of this kind by making itself available for cooperation in projects of this caliber” comments Castelgomberto Mayor Davide Dorantani.

“At this time in history when green energy has become a primary resource for companies, we must congratulate and thank the ownership and management of Ferplast for their choice to look at sustainability and for the trust they have placed in us in commissioning us to build this large photovoltaic system. We confirmed their trust with the quality and very quick timeframe with which we carried out the work in a winter period that was not favorable for outdoor work. We will from now on have the ability to follow the plant in the years to come with our management, maintenance and monitoring services, always keeping performance and production levels at a maximum,” concludes ECA Technology CEO Beniero Gianfranco.

The family-owned company Ferplast Spa has established itself internationally with the production of items for the comfort of all pets with a mission to offer quality products from conception to production, and invests in R&D to offer customers advanced solutions for pleasant human-animal coexistence.

Ferplast in recent years has paid special attention to creating environmentally sustainable products that represent an important milestone in ensuring a better quality of life for future generations. In addition to numerous products made with material from industrial and post-consumer recycling, he wanted to focus from this year on the use of energy produced from renewable sources in keeping with environmental protection goals.

It is this propensity to evolve that led it to the ‘installation of a 999.635 kWp photovoltaic system consisting of as many as 2,197 photovoltaic panels installed on the roof of the production facility.

In a market dense with solutions and offerings, what guided the choice of the plant supplier company was an understanding of one indispensable aspect: the pursuit of excellence. For this, ECA Technology, a Vicenza-based company, proved to be a more than suitable technical partner.

ECA Technology, responsible for the supply and installation of this system, with over 40 years of experience and more than 2,000 photovoltaic systems built in Italy, was able to interpret Ferplast’s requirements by designing and building a photovoltaic system consisting of the highest quality panels, model LONGI LR4-72HPH-455M half-cut, architecturally integrated on the company’s roof that form a functional whole for the production of renewable energy and enhance the aesthetics of the buildings.

The Vaccari family, accustomed to respecting nature in its rhythms and balances, opted for such a transformation because the photovoltaic system respects the environment, as well as offering significant advantages in terms of energy savings: the solar cells allow solar energy to be directly transformed into clean electricity.

The application, makes it possible to produce about 1,100,000 kWh/year of electricity without using pollutants, reducing carbon dioxide emissions for electricity production: it can be estimated that the amount of avoided emissions will be 520 t/year of CO2 (carbon dioxide), helping to reduce the greenhouse effect significantly.

With this data in hand, we can certainly say that the reality of photovoltaics is continuously expanding, especially in companies in our area that choose this path as an environmentally sustainable and secure investment for the future.

Some plant data:

  • Generator power cc: 999.635 kWp;
  • n. 2.197 modules Longi model LR4-72HPH-455M of 455Wp;
  • No. Inverters: 16 Kostal model Pico CI 60/50;
  • evolved ECA Technology monitoring system that allows the plant to be monitored 24/24h, 365 days a year to ensure continuous producibility and always at maximum efficiency;
  • processing for the construction of the plant October-December 2022;
  • 8,500 sq. m;
  • Emissions avoided about 520 t/year of CO2;
  • Avoided emissions about 0.96 t/year of SO2;
  • Avoided emissions about 0.60 t/year of NOx;
  • Emissions avoided about 0.029 g/kWh Fine dust
  • Expected total annual output: 1,100,000 kWh/year;
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