ECA Technology, based in Grisignano di Zocco, in the province of Vicenza, is a leading air conditioning company in the residential, industrial and tourism fields, with more than 40 years of experience. Beyond air conditioning, ECA Technology designs and manufactures technologies for domestic hot water, heating, power generation through renewable sources, and air purification. To the tourism sector, and more specifically to camping and small and medium-sized facilities such as bungalows, mobile homes, glamping tents and commercial establishments within accommodation facilities, the Vicenza-based company has dedicated its line of air conditioners Syntek.

The Syntek range of heat pump air conditioners for air conditioning, heating and dehumidification combines elegant design and high-profile technological performance, high quietness and maximum efficiency in cooling small rooms in summer and heating in winter. Syntek offers wall-mounted, floor-standing and window-mounted monobloc models, all of which can be customised according to system requirements, are quality-assured and highly energy-efficient.

All Syntek units are extremely easy to install and, above all, very simple to inspect and clean. Indeed, proper pre-seasonal maintenance and cleaning of facilities shields the tourist facility from technical problems that may cause malfunctions or breakdowns and inconvenience guests, or painful and unexpected costs in bills when the problem is not immediately visible. A properly maintained plant also keeps away the dangerous phenomenon of legionella, the bacterium that stagnates in the residual water of plants, guaranteeing health safety for the environment and a longer life span for the plant.

Before guests arrive at the facility, therefore, ECA Technology recommends inspecting and performing routine maintenance on the systems and offers its customers three intervention solutions, with the use of specific professional products by its qualified technicians, all of whom have the obligatory FGAS licence.

3 system maintenance packages

  • Basic Cleaning includes filter cleaning with specific anti-legionella products, quick cleaning of the outdoor unit, inspection of system operation, gas refilling if necessary.
  • Medium Cleaning adds the cleaning of the indoor unit’s battery to the Basic treatment.
  • The third and most thorough of all, the Plus intervention package, offers complete maintenance of the air conditioner, which includes cleaning of filters with specific anti-legionella products, complete cleaning of the indoor unit, special cleaning of the battery and fan motor, complete cleaning of the outdoor unit with detergents, gas pressure check, refilling if necessary, and a thorough check of the system’s general operation.

As an air conditioning manufacturer for 40 years, we know how to design high-performance systems. We design and carry out our maintenance work just as carefully and entrust it only to highly qualified personnel, so that our product will last for a long time,” says Elisa Beniero, owner and Head of Marketing and Communication at ECA Technology. “In the development of the Syntek line, we were particularly dedicated to studying not only its technology, but also the simplicity of maintenance on it, to the point of also defining a precise range of specific products for cleaning our air conditioning systems.”

Specific cleaning products for air conditioning systems

With the attention to detail at every stage of research, development and production that distinguishes it, and on which it has founded its long experience and quality, ECA Technology entrusts its maintenance work to FGAS-certified technical partners, who are constantly trained and up-to-date on the product and use only highly specific products:

  • LiquidAir Conditioner Sanitizer – An evaporator cleaner that cleans, refreshes and purifies the air conditioning system
  • Indoor Unit Filter Cleaner – A specific fast-acting, highly effective product formulated for cleaning indoor unit filters. It particularly removes dust, smog and mould that sometimes settles over time
  • Concentrated cleaner for outdoor units – A specific alkaline-based liquid treatment. Thoroughly degreases dirt that forms in the slots of the finned coils of outdoor units
  • Condensate treatment tablets -A completely environmentally friendly additive that prevents water putrefaction and the formation of algae, mucilage, silt and mould that can clog and occlude the condensate drain pipes of air-conditioners

“We have been present now for 40 years in air conditioning for tourist facilities and operate throughout Europe, we are ready, with our technicians, to install and manage systems at any time of the year, and we have a spare parts warehouse that is always stocked and efficient,” Elisa Beniero concludes. “Syntek represents our flagship product in our tourism technology sector and, along with its quality, we want to offer our customers, through our professional maintenance service, also health safety for their guests and the guarantee of a long service life for the system’.

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